Amal is Moroccan. She left her hometown of Oued Zem, 150 km from Casablanca, seventeen years ago. Direction Italy. Now living in Genoa, she is dental assistant.

I met Amal, who tells me about her marriage project with Davide, an Italian younger than her.They decided to celebrate it in Oued Zem, with the people who saw her grow. It will be in August 2016, when Amal is 37 years old. Davide is not a Muslim and will not convert: the marriage will therefore take place without an Imam.

How did the family react to this decision? No one disputes her choice. Amal is integrated, she looks like an Italian. She has left, she has emancipated herself, she participates in the financial balance of the family, everyone respects her. Especially his father, who is very admired. And then she comes back regularly, her mother goes to Genoa, it's a normal situation. »I was able to enter into the intimacy of her life, the women of her family and her entourage mobilized for the preparation of the wedding. This proximity gives a poetic touch to the gap between roots and modernity. That's what I liked to say in these pictures.

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