Photojournalist and documentary photographer,  Valentina Camu was born in Genoa, Italy, and is based in Paris since 2007, living between Paris and the Landes region of France.

She works for the Italian International and French press, as well as for NGOs, and social issues play a major role in her work, particularly situations of exile and the human tragedies they generate.
In 2023 she was awarded Journalismfound Europe's European Cross-border Grants along with journalists Maia Courtois, Simon Mauvieux, Nicolas Kelly and Mael Galisson, to work on the Channel border between France and the U.K. She is a member of the photographic agency Divergence and the Collectif de journalistes Hors Cadre.

As well as the topical subjects she covers for the press, Valentina  focuses her personal work on long-term documentary explorations, which enable her to develop and 'unfold' the different facets of a subject and to delve deeper into the human realities that inhabit it.She adapts her photographic techniques to this long period of time, sometimes reverting to film, and translates into images, in series of portraits, the richness of the human exchanges that develop as her investigative work progresses.

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